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Learn the three key words you need to survive and soar … words his flight instructor taught him, words he didn’t know he would need until the day the engine coughed and sputtered, and the propeller began to windmill in the air five thousand feet over northern Colorado.



How to Live at the Edge and Still Be Home for Dinner!

“Invigorating …riveting …phenomenal” ~Maureen Zappala

“Profound! Laced with humor!~Vic Everett

“Natural… engaging!” ~ April Myers

“Funny… poignant… inspiring!” ~Bob Ingram

If you own a business, manage one, run an organization or have any hopes for the future, you’ll soar to new heights with what you take away from this keynote. It’s as entertaining as it is timely!

Dennis has been called a “master story teller” as he uses personal stories to carry the truth of how to live at the edge and still be home for dinner.

Experience Dennis Bauer’s keynote and learn the three crucial keys you must know and do in order to prepare for The Unexpected, handle it successfully when it happens, and fly higher than you ever have before.

“Dennis was a great speaker at a Real Estate event that I attended in Seattle. He motivated the crowd with his interactive style and easy to remember catch phrases. I recommend Dennis to anyone looking to hire a motivational speaker.”

~ Jennifer Graham, CEO ConsultJMG

Book Dennis Bauer to Speak

Key takeaways:

  • Define the two most basic elements of your business, organization or venture.
  • Plan, recover, and operate successfully with the three key actions…
    and know why they have to be done in order.
  • Get crucial feedback with the single most important aspect of communication when you’re facing challenges.
  • Make a plan using the ABCs of navigating your way from wherever you are to where you want to go.
  • Practice the one thing you must do to gain mental clarity, a sense of direction, and hope.

Trained and prepared to deal with The Unexpected, Dennis is an expert at helping you get to the basics of your business, to effectively navigate from where you are to where you want to be.

From his true story of surviving engine failure in a small plane 5,000 feet off the ground and drawing from the lessons his flight instructor taught him in training days, to his experiences in owning his own businesses, and even in his undefeated year in wrestling, Dennis leads the way in helping you survive and thrive in the challenges and changes of the times.



“The highlight of the event at our national conference. Profound! Laced with humor!
Many commented, ‘Best speaker ever!”

~ Vic Everett, Conference Coordinator, SEA

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“In kindergarten, you were taught to stay between the lines. As adults you were taught to think outside the box. But when things are going down, it’s not time to be creative, it’s time to get back to basics.”

DDB Keynote1

“Has there ever been a time when your plans went from the drawing board to the finish line without a hitch? Glitchless? Green lights all the way? Bump-free?”

Dennis Bauer - Keynote, Castello di Amorosa1

“…the government guy on the radio asked me, ‘Cessna 65Victor… are you declaring an emergency?’ I looked at the two fuel gauges. I looked at the ground. I looked at my passengers.”




“Invigorating …riveting …phenomenal. Arrestingly engaging, and genuinely honest. Very inviting and compelling.”

~ Maureen Zappala, former NASA Engineer


“…an uncanny ability to connect with any audience! Dennis Bauer delivers provocative content with his uplifting, motivational and inspiring presence.”

~ Linda Bown, Consultant, The Collier Group


“Dennis is a very motivated, adventuresome and energetic speaker”

~ Aliya Nylander, Business Owner


“Dennis Bauer is the most natural and engaging speaker I’ve seen anywhere!”

~ April Myers, Senior Writer


“Looking for a speaker who’s funny, poignant and inspiring all at the same time? Dennis Bauer is your man.”

~ Bob Ingram, President, Relationship Strategies University


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The Great Hall of the Castello di Amorosa. Walls covered with authentic frescoes, coffered ceiling with wooden beams, and the acoustics of a cathedral… what an awesome place to speak!

Castello di Amorosa1

Conferences and conventions meet in interesting locations! This authentic Italian castle, with materials imported from Italy and constructed by an Italian castle-maker, is also a winery in the Napa Valley area of CA.

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“‘You’re 5,000′ up and your only engine quits… what would YOU do?’ I asked the girls. ‘SCREAM!!’ ‘Really? You want your pilot to run out of gas, look at the passengers, and… aaaaaah!!!?'”

Book Dennis Bauer to Speak