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“I am absolutely blown away by this book … I cannot express enough how

fantastic of a read this was. You are an incredible writer!!!! I loved the

overall analogy of the flying vs. life (business, relationships, etc.) and also

all of the anecdotes and stories along the way.”

~ Melissa Jurcan, CSEP Publicist and Event Manager


Here’s why this book, Fumes and a Prayer, is for you!

With a background in aviation as a pilot, I wrote this book to put into your hands the 3 Keys to be prepared for The Unexpected so you can handle it when it happens… and not crash and burn!


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One day, I flew a high-wing, six-passenger Cessna 206 from good ol’ Tacoma, Washington to Arapaho County Airport just south of Denver. Carrying three passengers plus myself, we refueled at Mountain Home, Idaho for the second leg of our trip to Denver.

It was a gusty August afternoon, and we took off toward the southeast under cerulean blue skies. This was going to be smooth sailing for sure!

Somewhere over northern Colorado, mental alerts sounded in my mind as I watched both fuel gauges hit empty!

This was certainly not expected… and that’s where the adventure began. Suddenly the constant drone of the engine stopped, the engine quit, the propeller began to windmill as we coasted through the air.

We were now flying on fumes and a prayer!

What happened next, what I recalled from the words of my flight instructor, and the lessons learned from that experience became the foundation of my escape from fear. Even more, I discovered the Three Keys to preparing for, and handling, what I call The Unexpected.

This book is for everyone who does anything involving risk… which is just about everything! Relationships, business, adventures… these keys promise to give you the best shot you’ve got at not only surviving your experience but also of coming out the other side soaring to new heights!

“Dennis is a very motivated, adventuresome and energetic speaker

and his book matches his style.”

~ Aliya Nylander, business owner


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“Fumes and a Prayer is a book that works on many different levels. I was inspired by the personal stories and captivated by his true story of survival and determination. This book is written in a warm, conversational style that makes it seem like you’re sitting in the living room listening to a great storyteller. A combination adventure story, self-help book, and treatise on how to live life without fear, Fumes and a Prayer is a book that everyone will be able to relate to and enjoy.”

~ Wayne Osborn, teacher.

“Dennis Bauer instantly connects with the reader with his candid accounts that are not unlike our own… Who hasn’t had to (metaphorically) land a plane with nothing more than fumes and a prayer? This is a great read, and a must read for anyone who sometimes feels like making it home for dinner seems just out of reach.”

~ Rebecca R, writer, photographer

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